Friday, February 17, 2012


enLiven is a new delicious, 99% fat free yogurt enhanced with GanedenBC30 probiotics. enLiven is a great way to start your day — or simply enjoy it anytime as a healthy snack. Enjoying enLiven not only captivates your taste buds with its creamy, yet light flavor, it also provides you with a daily supply of probiotics. Discover enLiven's four delicious flavors.
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 I was sent out 2 free coupons for enLiven to review. I have to say that there yogurt is beyond delicious. I am a big fan of enLiven. I purchased Strawberry & Vanilla with my coupons. I usually love any strawberry & vanilla flavored yogurts. Especially my son loves strawberry we both tried that first & it was pure strawberry taste it tasted so good & creamy & we wanted to eat more. The vanilla ones are good because any yogurts I get I usually make a fruit smoothie, so I added 2 vanilla yogurts with 1 banana & some fresh strawberries & about 1 cup of milk, and blended it up it was beyond DELICIOUS you should try it sometime :) The good thing about this is it only has about 55 sodium. I always look at sodium when I buy stuff I don't go over 400 also I am glad it has Probiotics in it as well.

enLiven is the only yogurt that contains the probiotic, GanedenBC30

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