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I absolutely love cosmetics Beauty Fix has been a great blessing to me because they have a whole bunch of different cosmetics to pick out from such as Nail Polish, Hair Products, Make-up, etc. This is my 3rd review from Beauty Fix & I absolutely have nothing bad to say about their company. You can find the greatest products that work for you on their website at With Beauty Fix, you receive up to $400 worth of products every season for just $49.99! Simply create your account and browse the products our panel of experts has chosen for the season. You will select 8 products that will be shipped directly to your door!

How to Get Started:

It will take just a moment to create your Beautyfix account. When you have time, you can complete your profile by answering a few quick questions to further customize the Beautyfix experience!
Based on your beauty profile, our panelists handpick a large selection of products they know you'll love for that season.
From the panelists' selections, you'll choose the 8 products you want to receive and always pay only $49.99.

Here is my review. I had picked out 8 items to review. I will provide each picture along with a little bit of description about my product & what I thought about it. Enjoy!

One of the many items that I chose from I picked out this EBoost you simply add it to water. I use bottle water it's easy for me on the go. It's loaded with a lot of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants & it's Orange flavor can't go wrong with that. I love Orange. Although it doesn't have that sweet taste to it something I enjoy very much since it's piled up with all the vitamins. It's a great source to boost up your energy for the day :)

I had chose Gyltone to review also cause in my other review I had picked out the other Acne stuff from gyltone so I wanted the cleanser as well. I really like this product it gets rid of acne while leaving your face really soft & clean. It also washes away your make-up and stays clear from breakouts!

I had chose Jonathan Product I really love all the Jonathan products they are so true to their name & I just love every one of their products. It's a serum for your hair to volumizing your hair & it's oil free. It works wonders & I love it. I usually put some on when my hair is straight.

Something else I chose was Nick Chavez Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Conditioner to review. It smells great I love the peppermint honey smell, and It really left my hair really soft & without weighing it down. My curls looked extra soft & not frizzy at all. I love how it has Argan Oil in it :)

Nick Chavez Amazon Hair Body Building Styling Clay you can tell I am a big fan of Nick Chavez hair products as well. I love how it's a non-greasy clay texture. I am glad I used this with my curly locks, because it made my curls extra curly & gave my hair that great scrunchy look to even better curly hair. You can put it on dry hair or wet. I prefer wet hair than scrunching it into my hair works wonders for me.

Another amazing product I chose was Jonathan Product Create Motion to review. This product gives a soft hold without weighing your hair down. I simply use this product when I get out of the shower & put some on my hands & rub in trough my hair I love this product. I am very satisfied & I enjoy using it everyday.

Something different I chose was the Becca Cosmetics Resurfacing Primer.  It's a sheer, skin-benefiting primer that instantly reduces the appearance of shiny, oily skin and enlarged pores. Designed to be worn under makeup, this moisturizing primer smooths fine lines as it refines the skin's texture and eliminates surface shine all day long. Lightweight and silky-smooth, it prolongs the life of makeup and helps skin retain moisture. 

Last by not lease I chose this Raw Natural Beauty Mineral Glow - Warm Glow for a review. I always try to find Natural Beauty Items so I came across this one. I really love it it's not to dark but just right for my mineral glow towards my face. I don't use a lot just enough also it's a good bronzer without it turning orange but be sure to use it right & not to much. It's a great look for the summer time & I cannot wait to use more during that time.

With every order you get a free cosmetic bag I chose the Beauty Fix Flat Make-up Bag Duo.
 I love the color & design on it; it comes with one large & one medium. It's the perfect size for holding items like your lip gloss, eye liner & the larger bag you could carry much bigger items like your liquid foundation & your warm glow bronzer stuff of that nature. These bags are made from heavy-duty microfiber and have tough zipper closures, so they can handle being knocked around inside your purse.

Like all my cosmetics if you want to view everything that I have gotten in my review please visit this link (here) I hope you enjoy every item as much as I do.

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