Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vortex Toothpaste

Most children brush their teeth for an average of 7 seconds. Only 7 seconds to clean off bacteria, remove plaque and whiten their smiles. Vortex toothpaste makes brushing more effective by slowly changing color over time encouraging kids to brush longer. The kaleidoscope of color draws out the brushing experience so that the child will brush two times longer . . . 
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I recently was sent out Vortex Toothpaste for a review. This product changes colors through simple optics with no added chemicals. My son who will be 5 March 27th loved this toothpaste because it changes color and I have gotten him to actually brush his teeth longer now because he has to wait for the color to change. My son thinks the toothpaste taste really good too. I think this is a cool product for kids who don't usually like to brush their teeth or have issues as a routine, you can introduce this Vortex toothpaste because not only is it good for you & doesn't use any chemicals it changes colors while brushing & I think kids will be very happy with this & want to brush their teeth more & have a fun time doing it.


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