Friday, April 20, 2012

Jusami, Terrific Tees for Kids

Jusami is a family-owned, Brooklyn-based online boutique selling unique and comfortable tee shirts for kids. We start with top-quality cotton shirts in rich colors and add fun, distinct images. These are shirts that our children love to wear and we’re sure that yours will too. In fact, the idea for Jusami came after a family doodle session when our . . . to read more about Jusami click here

 I was sent out 2 Jusami Kids T-Shirts for a review. One for my son (Jusami Dinoboy Short-Sleeve) & one for my sister Abby (Jusami Dinogirl Short-Sleeve Pink) . My son was really excited when saw these t-shirts when I had opened my package. He is a big fan of dinosaur's so this was the perfect shirt. The Jusami T-shirts are very comfortable & very smooth shirts. I am really surprised how soft they feel my sister seemed to like it as well because it was pink, so it wasn't to boyish for her. My son would also love the Robot Short Sleeve Shirt The girls t-shirts are really pretty and colorful as well. I was very happy that my son got to try out their Terrific Tees from Jusami :)

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