Friday, April 13, 2012

Noodle & Boo

Inspired by her children's need for products developed for ultra-sensitive skin, Christine Burger founded Noodle & Boo. Working with professionals who specialize in natural, holistic skin care each exclusive formula is developed to nourish, replenish and protect especially delicate and sensitive skin. The company is lovingly named after Christine's two young children, Andrew and Matthew, also known as Noodle and Boo. More recently, on a goodwill trip to Ethiopia, Christine met her daughter Dibora who rounds out the family read more about Noodle & Boo click here

I was sent out Noodle & Boo for a review. In my package I got Noodle & Boo Super Soft Lotion, Extra Gentle Shampoo & Soothing Body Wash. Although I only got 2fl oz to try like normal size samples you would normally get the actual size would of been better for me to use more on my son, but it'll do. I am in love with the baby lotion even though it's for baby's I would most definitely use this because it left my hands feeling soft & smooth. I just love the feeling to any lotion along those lines. I think my son would love this baby lotion he tends to have dry skin so maybe this will help. I know I love it & will keep it in my purse I even enjoy the scent it smells fresh & just like a baby lotion would normally smell like.  The baby shampoo I used on my son he is 5 and he complains that other kid shampoo's burns his eyes, but this product didn't even if he did get a little bit on his face he wouldn't freak out as much & the baby wash is really good to it leaves his body feeling soft & smooth as well. I am very much in love with these products & I hope to purchase more in the near future.

The baby lotion; I had to try it because it smelled so good

They don't just have things for baby's on their website they have stuff for Mama's as well. I would love to try the Afterglow Gel they have also would love to try the Perfecting Creme.
Everything looks so great & wonderful on their website.

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  2. I love the Baby Bath Gift Set!! It will make every momma happy to receive this amazing set.