Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pictures On Gold

Welcome to our great selection of the best Sterling Silver Lockets for Sale Online. We have over 80 different styles and designs of Sterling silver photo lockets ready for purchase and custom photo engraving. The perfect gift for any occasion, our sterling silver lockets can be personalized with an engraved message and/or photo engraving. Some of the silver photo locket styles that we carry include: silver religious lockets, Sterling Silver lockets for "mom", baby footprints, pet footprints, silver heart lockets, and others. Silver Photo Lockets are great for sharing with a loved one, because you can personalize your Sterling silver locket with a picture lasered engraved of a couple or family. Give a sterling silver locket as a gift and give a precious memory.

I recently contacted PicturesOnGold for a review. They told me to than send 2 images & they would Laser the picture either black & white or colored of course I chosed colored. Than I got to have something engraved on the front & back of the locket. First this picture above is a lovely box that it first looked like before I opened it it's nicely boxed with a black ribbon.

This is the front of the Locket I engraved it saying Mother's Day 2012. You can't really see it as it's a little bit shiny, but it makes out okay it's just because of the picture the way I took it, but it looks wonderful in real view.

This is the back of the silvery locket again you can't really see what it says but I told them to engrave it saying "We Love You" I wanted it to be from all of us kids. Myself, Danielle, Abby & Chad. I really love how it has my mother's birthstone above the silver locket you can see above the locket it's really tiny.

Here is a great picture you can see it somewhat clear the pictures turned out great, my mother loved it as I couldn't wait that long til May I thought Mother's Day was sometime in April, silly me! Anyways she said that she loved it; it was beautiful & she put it on for Easter Sunday. I have a picture of my mom wearing it don't worry. Everybody at her work asked where she got, and I really love this gift it's a wonderful gift for Mother's Day. I am very happy I was able to do a review for Pictures On Gold Also did you know that PicturesOnGold is a MANUFACTURER of 14 KARAT GOLD and STERLING SILVER & it is also valued at $200.00. 

 It looks so beautiful on my mom & it made me feel so special that she loved it so much. You should defiently check out more Mother's Day Gifts just click the image below & shop away :)

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