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Spongeables, LLC is a Los Angeles-based technology and innovation company providing leadership in new product concepts, delivery systems and categories within the global consumer products market. The company has invented a patent-pending technology and proprietary infusion manufacturing process combining time released cleansing products, efficacious skincare ingredients, and a sponge matrix in one convenient, long lasting product . . . to read more about Spongeables click here

 I was sent a Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer in Lavender-Tea Tree Oil Aromatherapy for review from Spongeables website. I love this Pedi Scrub Foot Buffer. I don't have many Foot Buffer Scrubs so to try this was really great especially for my feet. I always wanted to try something like this. It helps soften & restores rough tired feet. Good for people who work & stand on their feet all day. I love how it has a unique blend of Glycerin, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Tea Tree Extract with Lavender Aromatherapy Infused into a Double-Sided Sponge to Exfoliate, Smooth & Relax your feet. I have used to this product for a week now & my feet feel new & very smooth. I really enjoy using this product. It says it holds up to 20+ Washes. When mine runs out of soap I'll just put some of my own soap and keep using it. Make sure you use this Pedi-Scrub everyday to leave your feet fresh & clean & silky!

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You can simply buy this product at your local Rite Aid Store, CVS, Walmart & Ulta
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