Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby Knee Pads from lil' melon

For babies, growing up can quite literally be a bumpy road!  Although getting bruises from crawling and walking are all a natural part of life, Lil’ Melon understands that sometimes giving your child an extra layer of protection can help them be more confident to be mobile on their own . . . to read more about lil' melon click here

For my review I was sent out Robot Knee Pads for a review from lil' melon. These knee pads are a great idea for babies growing up & in that stage of crawling. I wish I would of known about these when my son was crawling at the time, he would always get either rug burns or simply just hurting his knee's when he was crawling across the kitchen floor, but with these knee pads you don't need to worry about getting your knees messed up. I simply gave my Knee Pads to a friend of mine, so when her baby starts to crawl he can wear them. I'm excited to see what the outcome is & if he will like them. 

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