Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sparkling ICE

Our Company has been dedicated to producing refreshing beverages for over twenty five years. We pride ourselves on creating beverage products of exceptional quality and value for you and your family... to read more about Sparkling ICE click here

I was sent these lovely Sparkling ICE drinks for a review. I have to say that these are one of my favorite drinks of all now. They are so good & refreshing. Also they have ZERO calories, can't go wrong there! Anyways the 8 flavors that I got were:

Orange Mango
Pomegranate Berry
Lemon Lime
Coconut Pineapple
Black Raspberry
Kiwi Strawberry
Pink Grapefruit

You can find out all the flavors (here) that I got.

I love how these drinks have vitamins and antioxidants. Also they have zero carbs, natural flavors & No Sodium. They are so refreshing after you had a long day say you were at work or just running around with the kids. My 3 favorite Sparkling ICE were Lemonade, Orange Mango & Kiwi Strawberry also my son enjoyed the Orange Mango too. These are beyond delicious & I love them.

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