Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We're here to tell you why organic food makes sense for healthy living, a cleaner and safer environment, and great tasting snacks! There's lots of background on organics, and a chance to let us know how you like what we are doing.

 I was sent out some awesome products from Newman's Own Organics to review. I recently wrote a review of Newman's Own Organics on my blog site before & you can find the link (here) I love Newman's Own Organics. They just have the best products ever. I love their food so much, and what's best they are so generous to send out for new products. What I got for review are the following:

New Sour Licorice - flavors I got were Strawberry, Mango, Cherry & Apple
Popcorn - Buttered & Unsalted
Chocolate Cups - Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter & Dark, Milk Chocolate Caramel & Dark

I absolutely loved the chocolate cups in peanut butter they were nice & creamy in the middle & I actually love these better than the Reese's peanut butter cups! I put some on top of my ice-cream & they were so yummy it had a great peanut butter taste to it. I just am in-love with them so much. The dark chocolate my husband loved because I am not a big fan of dark chocolate I should be because dark chocolate is good for you. The caramel's I wasn't a fan of either just the peanut butter ones :)

My husband made these with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil he loved them & so did my mom mom & poppy that I sent over some for them. They said it was really delicious. I continue to cook with the EVOO when I make vegetables stir fry it's really good & I hear that this EVOO is really good to use while cooking.

When I had my sister's sleep over with one of their friends they asked for some of these yummy Sour Licorice, what kid doesn't love Sour candy & these were really yummy & sweet. I loved the Mango & Strawberry the best. The kids loved all the flavors but seemed to munch on the Cherry & Apple ones the most.

They wanted to pose with the Licorice.

My friend made some Tea with the Black Tea I had gotten, boy was it delicious she just heated the tea bags in a pot with boiling water & than let it sit & added sugar with the black tea bags she put about 6 tea bags in the pot. As you see the picture above it's halfway gone, just thought I'd get a picture before it was empty!

Overall I loved every single item that was sent to me from Newman's Own Organics. I have yet to try the popcorn, but I bet it's delicious like every other product is. Check out some coupons from Newman's Own Organics website (here) Believe me if you haven't yet tried out their products. I suggest you do so & find a local store near you that sells Newman's own organics & start shopping for Newman's Own Organics!!!!

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