Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Reuseit.com is a place where you will find our family of "best of the best" reusables available in many categories so you can eliminate disposables from every part of your life -- from bags and bottles to lunch, household items and beyond. By casting a critical eye and delivering facts & solutions, we continue to help guide consumers to the truth and take action on these issues as they evolve. . . to read more about reuseit.com click here

I was able to pick something out from reuseit.com & so I picked out the Box Appetit Lunch Box to review. I absolutely love this product it's a sturdy container & it makes my packing a lunch more easier if I am on the go with my son. The Box Appetit includes the following: a microwavable nesting food container, a lidded sauce pot and fork. The clear and secure (glass-like) lid doubles as a plate and dipping sauce tray and comes with an added clip to hold a fork (or your own chopsticks). The fork is durable, has a deep curve for scooping and an angled edge for cutting.

You can divide your food if you want to put some veggies in one side with the little cup to put dressing in & the other side a protein meat of some kind. It's a really cool idea & I love this Bento Box. It works really good & it's safe to put in the dishwasher also when you are microwaving the container make sure you don't exceed a long period because it will melt the plastic, so it says on the package instructions. 

They have a lot more other different stuff like Totes & Bags, Kitchen, Bottles & More.
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