Thursday, May 10, 2012


To complete the ingredients, a hint of coconut fragrance was added. It will remind you of a tropical beach whether you are using Sand Gone after a day at the beach, playground, or sand box. I know you will fall in love with Sand Gone. . . to read more about Sand Gone click here

Sand Gone was generous enough to send me a jar of Sand Gone along with a small bag of sand. I did everything outside of my patio because I didn't want to get all messy in the bathroom, so I wet my leg near my foot cause that is where you get the most sandy when your all wet near your feet and I sprinkled some sand over my leg/foot, so after I applied the sand I opened the jar of Sand Gone & I dusted it over my skin & watched the sand just fall off. It's hard to believe that a sand product could disappear like that it was unbelievable actually. I will most defiently use this when my beach days come up during the summer-time. I am so pleased to be able to review this product. Also it smelled like coconut which was really nice. It also left my skin feeling soft & smooth. I love that feeling!

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