Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Touch by Travalo

The maker of the must-have beauty accessory for men and women is proud to launch its newest atomizer, Travalo Touch. Made of durable aluminum, the Travalo Touch is a 5 mL refillable fragrance wand with rollerball technology and can hold up to 50 applications so your favorite cologne or perfume is always available.

Travalo Touch’s roller ball technology allows you to subtly apply your favorite fragrance directly to your skin, which results in less waste and a more effective fragrance. In addition, the new roller ball by Travalo is a discreet way to apply your favorite perfume or cologne without affecting anyone around you. 

I received this new product by Travalo called the roller ball atomizer. I think this is a great idea for on the go to wedding outings or simply just out for the night with your girlfriends. It's a mini perfume sprayer & it can even fit in the back of your jean pocket. I love how I can put different perfumes in my mini touch roller ball. It's an awesome product & a great gift for anybody. They also come in Pink & Black.

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