Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Famous Dave's Mist Tan

I have been using Famous Dave's Moisture Tan lotion for quite some time now it makes my whole body really really tan & I love that feeling because I don't need to waste money & go to a tanning salon & better yet I don't like doing all those extra ray lights on my body so this Famous Dave's Moisture Lotion is excellent to use it doesn't leave any orange residue either. They are true to their word & I am very happy to have came across a great site like them.

For my second review. I was able to pick something out & I chose the Famous Dave's Mist Tan. It's a professional tanning formula. I also love this product as well I sprayed some on my face & arms & neck area & even when you do lay in the sun it gives you an extra boost of tan. I also love how their products are non-sticky, and the smell doesn't really bother me because I am quite used to it now. Every time I am out with a friend or over a friends house they always ask me "how are you so tan" & than I go on about Famous Dave's products & suggest people to buy their products. They also love that it gives me no orange residue because some crappy products out there do that, but not Famous Dave's Products & I am so blessed to be able to use their products. I absolutely love them & will greatly continue to buy them in the future when I run out.

You can tell the difference I really use it a lot down near my neck & my shoulders. I love it so much & I love their products :) I am a very happy satisfied girl...

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