Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Swiggies are a fun & great way for kids to stay hydrated while your on summer vacations such as the shore & on the beach which can always get really hot & you always need a water bottle or something to keep you hydrated. Swiggies are water bottles that can be worn on your wrists while your kids are playing. They have a spout that pulls open and easily closes back without leaking. The velcro strip makes it convenient to strap the bottle around the wrist and go. It also holds up 8oz of water/juice.

 For my review I received a pair of Yellow Swiggies. I was really impressed about this product. I really love these Swiggies not only for myself but for my son. The summer is going to be extremely hot & we are going camping the end of July & I just can't wait to bring these Swiggies with us. They are really convenient for on the go, and if you want to just wear them on a bike ride, so you don't get dehydrated. Me personally I have to have water everywhere I go, so I am really glad they came in a pack of 2 because I can easily have one & so can my son. He has already put green tea in his swiggie & he likes it my sister also tried it when I had just got them in the mail & she put water in it to test it out. Here is a picture below:

Me wearing the Swiggie it was nice & snugged on me it wasn't all that tight, it just fit. I would highly recommend these Swiggies to all my Mommy Friends. They also come in Adult Swiggies as well.

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