Monday, June 18, 2012

Kid Safety Band

A couple of years ago, I was in the park with my two sons. It was a beautiful day and I was pushing my younger son Conor on the swing. Conor’s shoe fell off and I stopped to help him. While my back was turned, my older son Aidan wandered off. As parents, we all know the fear and anxiety that comes with the thought of your child being lost – screaming out their name but never hearing the familiar “over here Dad”. . .  to read more about Kid Safety Band click here

I bet all of you are wondering What are Kid Safety Bands, so here is a little description of what they are:

Kid Safety Bands are high quality 100% silicone wristbands just like the popular Livestrong™ wristbands. Only our wristbands are specifically designed for you to add your child's initials or If found please call and your cell phone number(s). Kid Safety Band / Universal Safety Band come in 3 sizes: x-small (6in), small (7in), and adult (8in). (x-small bands are for 3-5 year olds and small bands for 5-8 year olds)
Warning: CHOKING HAZARD: Not For Children Under 3.

I was sent over 2 Kids Safety Bands for review. The one safety band has his Initials N.E.L & than around the other side has my cell phone which was pretty near I like the initials, but would probably just like his name better on the safety band.  The other kids safety band had If Lost Please Call than had my cell phone number on the back of that safety band. These are a really great idea for kids cause they tend to wander around & get lost. I know my son he likes to wander around especially when I was living at my mothers for instance when I was in the shower he wandered off & someone brought him back these were the times I really needed this Safety Band for my son it's good to have them on when your child may disappear from you by mistake my other incident was at the mall I was in the store & than 2 seconds later he was gone down near the food court. I tell him he can't walk away from me that some stranger will come and scoop him up one day if he doesn't stay near mommy, so I'm really glad I got to review these Kid Safety Bands & they will defiently come in handy my next shopping event :)

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