Monday, June 4, 2012

Lelli Kelli

With colourful shoes and boxes of Lelli Kelly ZOO you will learn to distinguish left from right.
Choose the animal you like most: the Elephant, the Giraffe, the Zebra or the Pelican.
Play this fun game: you can put, for example, the giraffe on your right foot and the elephant on the left, or vice versa!
Have fun and create your own pair of shoes!

 For my review I was sent 4 collections one of them being Lelli Kelli Zoo for my 2 sisters from Lelli Kelli. For my sister Abigail I got the Giraffes & Elephants & my sister Danielle I got were the flowers one listed above in the picture the middle & the one to the far right. These shoes are really pretty & adorable. My mom said they were so gorgeous & she loved them. These are really unique shoes in my opinion, but they are also very cute for any girl that might love these type of fashionable shoes.

The process of perceiving the difference between left and right with respect to the child’s own body and with respect to others is consolidated at around 7 or 8 years of age and is fundamental for oculo-manual coordination and precision. Unfortunately, in many cases this difference is not well mastered at a young age, and difficulty in distinguishing left from right sometimes drags on into adulthood. 

So you can switch your shoes from left or right by wearing a Elephant one on the "left" and the Giraffe one on the "right. Whichever your child prefers, so my sister Abby preferred to wear them the same on both feet pictured below;

 She really likes these & they fit really well. This style of shoe also has an easy on and easy off Velcro strap. The shoe itself is bright & colorful and has flowery jewels & gems on the 2nd collection I got for my other sister Danielle, not pictured. My mom also had said that they are dressy enough to pair with a skirt or dress and casual enough to wear with pants and shorts :) These wonderful shoes are really good quality & I would recommend them to any of my friends that have girls.

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