Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Premama Prenatal Supplement

In October 2010, Premama started out as a socially-responsible initiative at Brown University. Given our passion for and experience in health, sports, and visits to local hospitals, our mission was to address problems in the area of read more about Premama click here

I was given the opportunity to try out their Premama Vitamins. I received a sample for 7 days. Not only am I pregnant but trying to conceive I always try to take good vitamins & it says that you don't have to be pregnant to take prenatal vitamins. Everything is healthy & good for you to take. Unlike other vitamins that aren't a ginormous horse pill to swallow this Premama is a powdered vitamin that you mix into your favorite drink; I chose to mix it with orange juice. It tasted really good & you couldn't even taste the Premama in my opinion. Premama also is 100% natural, no artificial filler to make it stick into a pill form. Each packet is a days worth of the vitamin, but is divided into 2 sections so you can take it all at once or twice a day if you prefer.

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