Wednesday, June 6, 2012

tommee tippee - explora

The Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, was in the North-East to officially launch the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at highlighting North-East companies successfully moving towards read more about Tommee Tippe click here

 I was able to pick something for review from Tommee Tippe's website. I chose the Explora truly spill proof drink cup blue/aqua. I absolutely love these cups. I would recommend them to any little boy or girl. They are great cups for kids. My son is 5 and he still likes his juice cups and they aren't babyish at all they are simply a kids cup. It doesn't spill either which some cups I have had in the past either leak or drip out juice.

My son defiently loved the dinosaur cup he loves dinosaurs & he was so excited to tell me that they have dinosaurs on them. It's funny because when I was opening up the box I had pulled them out and my son "Nicholas" says mommy are those for me, lol. I said yes Nick they are for you. It was so cute.

Not only do they have cups for kids they also have breastfeeding supplies, pacifiers, cleaning supplies, bibs & more you can simply check out everything (here)

Products are now available at Target

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  1. Those cups are too cute. Great review.