Monday, October 29, 2012

Alli's Everlasting Floral Arrangements & Accessories Review

Alli's Everlasting Floral Arrangements & Accessories was created in memory of our beloved 24 year old daughter, Allison Emilie Heyden, Alli who passed away in the summer of 2011. Alli was an up and coming fashion designer living her dream in New York City. She was featured in many magazines, received many awards and designed six of her own  collections. Alli was voted as one of the top 100 Up and Coming Fashion Designers in the United States and was featured in the book Emerging Fashion Designers by Sally Congdon-Martin. . . . to read more about Alli's Everlasting Floral Arrangements & Accessories click here

I recently contacted Alli's Everlasting Floral Website & decided to write her because I loved all her accessories on there well I was sent a bag of goodies of her floral arrangements I got some head-bands with a flower on them, some just a plain flower design & than some beanie hats for babies with a flower on it which were so adorable. I love the hair bands with the flowers on them they had such pretty ones these could be used for babies/toddlers/pre-teens. My two sisters Danielle & Abby modeled them for me along with their friend Abigail. Out of all the floral arrangements my favorite one would have to be the Christmas looking one I love it it's so beautiful. I will defiently where that one on Christmas :)

 I really like this picture of my sister wearing one of the head bands it's so pretty on her & I love this picture as well.

My sister Danielle wearing another Floral head-band. I love the colors on this one. Although the Flower is a little bit big.

 This is the one that I was talking about the Christmas one it's so beautiful you could also wear it as a pin as well.

The girls modeling their head bands for me such beautiful girls.

This was Abigail's idea in the pink & I think it's cute they are wearing the head bands & they also pinned some to their shirt.

Overall everything from Alli's Everlasting Floral Arrangements & Accessories is really cute & if you know anyone with a baby or a toddler & you want to get them something I really suggest this website you can look at all the different style products she has whether it being Large Flowers, Small Flowers, Alli's Accessories, Baby/Toddler Headbands & Baby Hats.

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