Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Caddy Wraps

Made with integrity in the USA, CaddyWraps are a wrap above all others. Our FaceCaddy, EyesCaddy and BackCaddy are made of strong, yet  soft, cotton/poly fabric and hold reusable thermal packs that can be frozen for cold therapy or put in the microwave for heat therapy.  Each Caddy  product comes with it's own thermal pack(s).

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For my review I picked out the Eyes Caddy. Why? Because I get so much midgrains/headaches and it's always around my temples & eyebrow area. This Eye Caddy was so relaxing for me I simply just heat it in the microwave for about 5 minutes it depends how hot you want it to be honest. I made sure it wasn't too too hot for me because it would burn my face. Usually when I have headaches I always have to be comfortable so I sit on the couch & just sit back & relax so with this caddy wrap it's amazing how relaxed your are & it takes away my horrible headaches withing like 15 - 20 minutes while resting with the caddy.

(picture from website)

This is how you would wear the Eye Caddy it is recommended for Eye & Brow Procedures, Migraines, Sinus Pain, Hot Flashes, Stress, Relaxation & Light Sensitivity. I have not yet used the ice packs yet but I am sure when I am sick I will use it because I always have to be somewhere cold while I am sick it sounds weird, but it's very relaxing for me.

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