Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enteral Health & Nutrition Review & Giveaway

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In our Gastroenterology and Dermatology offices, patients often come looking for ways to approach their digestive and skin health naturally. After trying to guide them to products, one thing became clear:  there weren’t many choices out there. Even more, those that were available were inconvenient, bad-tasting, or both . . . to read more about Enteral Health & Nutrition click here

For my review I was sent out a box of Gi Health they are little square probiotic chocolate bars with Vitamin D3. You think chocolate like this would taste gross or something, but it's actually pretty darn good. I like the chocolate a lot & it benefits me & my husband because it has Vitamin D3 in it. Probiotics is a great way to help you maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. What I also found interesting while I was eating this chocolate I thought it was milk the entire time & come to find out it was dark chocolate & me myself is not a dark chocolate person, but I really liked it a lot :)

Get your daily chocolate fix, plus health benefits!

 The next goodies I got from Enteral Health & Nutrition are . . .

the Tummy Drops in Ginger & Peppermint (pictured above).... For whatever reason I tend to have stomach issues here and there from time to time. It is usually when I eat greasy foods sometimes it's after dinner & it just didn't set well with me, I find myself using nothing to ease the issue just relax or lay down, so I came across Tummydrops I was very excited to try these it's an all natural alternative. It's really great tasting i tasted each one & I love the peppermint the best. I can't wait to actual eat this when my stomach is having a queasy feeling. It also helps with morning sickness for those of you pregnant ladies & motion sickness. These would of been great for my sister Abby who recently went on a trip to the Bahamas it was her first real plane ride she was a little nervous. Did I also mention they are Gluten free. I love gluten free stuff.I can even save these for later use when I become pregnant with my second child they help with my second child :) 
Only 10 calories each, not bad!

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