Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Willow Store Review


Recently in our history, our people have gotten off track, and have forgotten our future. We have created single use materials that cannot be returned to the Earth, that disrupt this natural cycle and change our future. We cannot continue to treat our planet as though it is single use. We must care for our planet, preserving it for our children . . . to read more about Willow Store click here

EveryDay Willow Wool Dryer Balls Gift Set of 3, Natural 
I was sent a few Willow Store wool dryer balls to review. I absolutely love these wool dryer balls rather than dryer sheets. I have been using these wool dryer balls for a week now and they do shorten drying time, keep static down & really soften my clothes. I love that feeling when my clothes feel so soft. I really have no problems with these they work wonders, and I love them. Oh yeah & I did use all 3 wool dryer balls for all the works that come of it. They won't harm your clothes either they are easy & convenient to use! 

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  1. I'm all about return to earth stuff. Recycling is now my 'hobby'. :D

  2. I will have to look into this product and try them out. I don't like the strong perfume smells of dryer sheets but need something to prevent static cling.