Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fodada Review

There are some things in life that help validate why you were put on this earth and for me, becoming a father was that life-changing event. The amazing responsibility of becoming a father and raising my sons has become the most overwhelming and demanding yet rewarding experience of my life. Last year I realized that I needed to celebrate this experience and so I created fodada. I wanted to create a company that could provide a tangible product that could then be leverage to funnel exposure, support and funding for programming that is relevant and dedicated to fatherhood and families . . . to read more about Fodada click here

I got this Red Mama Hoodie from Fodada it's similar to the other one I got to but for Dads. I had gotten this hoodie for my Mother she loves getting new things & since they didn't have my size I got her a medium she likes the material a lot. She said it's very comfortable & cozy to wear. She wears this to the gym a lot when she works out.


 The second Hoodie I got was the Dad the S-Rad Jersey Hoodie for my step dad he says that he likes it but doesn't like things with hoodies, but he does love the hoodie itself. Who knows maybe he'll give in and where it around the house or something. If they ran a plus size I would of deffiently got one for myself because I love hoodies & it being men's I love men's hoodies.

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