Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Natural Mineral Makeup Review

Our mission at Mineral Hygienics is to be the premier cosmetic manufacturer focusing on using natural products to promote health. We use natural ingredients to develop superior cosmetics that meet and exceed customer expectations we will not compromise on quality. In order to accomplish this objective, Mineral Hygienics strives to build lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees . . . to read more about Mineral Hygienics click here

 My review I was sent some samples of Natural Mineral Makeup I ended up choosing the Cool Kiss & Shades of Sheer Mineral Foundation. I got Fairly Light, Medium, Light & Silk Translucent. I absolutely love natural make up I think it's the best possible. I have to say using all these foundations is pretty cool because I get the benefit to use what I want and if the it's to dark I don't have to use it. I blend in everything al together. The Cool Kiss I absolutely love it's a Mineral Enhancer like a bronzer. It adds a fresh glow. I wear this Mineral Makeup every time I go out with friends or just a night out to dinner. I love their make up because it last a long time.

I really want to try their Mineral Eye Shadow I was recently looking at their site and I came across this one called Mineral Eye Shadow - Butterscotch.

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