Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nature's Own Review

We are America’s favorite soft variety bread*—and for good reason. No other brand offers the freshness, great taste, and selection of Nature’s Own . . .  to read more about Nature's Own click here

I was sent 3 products to review from Nature's Own. I was sent the following:

 I was pretty happy with my choices that were sent to me. My family we are really big on Whole Wheat and that is all we eat me my son & my husband. My son Nicholas really enjoyed the Honey Wheat bread for lunches with peanut butter & fluff the bread was nice & moist & very good. We even made french toast with the Honey Wheat Bread. It was amazing! We haven't tried the Oatmeal Toasters yet, but my husband did I am not really a cranberry orange person, but I love the bagels we usually toasted them and put grape jelly & peanut butter on top or you can drizzle some honey & bananas on them so good!

Check out some of Nature's Own Recipes my favorite recipe & the one I want to try is this one it's called Border Omelet Sandwich & the Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

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