Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ponytail Pals Review & Giveaway

Ponytail Pals Celebrates Girlhood! That brief, yet "Once upon a transcendent time." An enchanted place where colors are more vibrant, the air more thrilling, the fun more urgent and the make-believe more real . . .  to read more about Ponytail Pals click here

I picked out from Ponytail Pals 
 the Dolphin & Monkey to review. I thought these were so cute & fun for girls. My sisters are 13 & 11 my sister Danielle is in love with Dolphins just like me when I was younger. Abby loves Monkeys.

My sister Danielle with her Dolphin Ponytail Pal. She did a braid & than put the ponytail in at the bottom.

My sister Abby just put a simple up-do with her Monkey Ponytail.

These are really adorable & they have other animals besides the Dolphin & Monkey, some are a Bunny, Bear, Dog, Unicorn, Piggy & more!

Title #1
(from website)
This precious little girl looks so cute with her pig tails.

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  1. My daughter loved them all, but I think the ultimate favorite is the unicorn

  2. My daughter just saw them all and loves the tan dog, they are super cute hope she wins one :)

  3. They are all so cute. I really like the elephant, but it will probably be up to my daughter.

  4. I would have to get the White Bunny for my daughter =)