Friday, July 5, 2013

Julies Organic Ice Cream Review

Our team begins with my husband, and two sons along with many personnel. Tom and I purchased a local ice cream company in 1996. Shortly after our initial exposure to the ice cream world, I posed a challenge to our team to make a product as good if not better than the current best selling super premium ice cream our family enjoyed. . . to read more about Julies Organic Ice Cream click here

For my review I was sent 3 free coupon from Julie's Organic Ice Cream. I went to my local Whole Foods Market & shopped around and looked around in the frozen isle what I might liked, so I chose the following:

Okay, so this Strawberry Yogurt bar was my first try & oh my goodness I fell in love with the creaminess I was in heaven. I've never had a yogurt bar before so it was very interesting trying this delicious bar. I like anything with strawberry so this was one of my first picks I new instantly we would get a long very well, haha. These were gone in like 2 days! (from me obviously)

  Next up we have I got these little mini ice cream sandwiches. I'd figure these be perfect size for me & my 6 yr old son not to messy with the larger ones, and these are perfect control sizes. I thought these were really delicious.

I didn't get to snap a picture of the Cookie Sandwiches the ones above in the first picture the middle product, they were gone in an instant with only 4 of them in there. They were the best ones other than the strawberry yogurt bars that is. The crunchiness & ice cream in the middle the taste was excellent! The cookie gave it the best taste I thought (:

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