Monday, August 5, 2013

Blushbox Review

Do you ever feel sexy? Well for some of you I know I do at times, and it's not a bad thing it's a good thing to feel sexy at some points in your life. Let's face it were all getting up their and I still want to feel sexy especially for my husband. With that being said I was sent a Blushbox to review, and it's with the latest fashion to spice your mood up a bit and it's delivered right at your doorstep. Now that is a win win situation (: 

I love how the box is assembled with some sparkly glittery speckles and a nice clear/white ribbon. I was sent some great products take a look for yourself below:

This is simply the perfect getaway box for me & my husband to spike up our sex life a little bit it's always fun to use different types of stuff sometimes instead of "whipped cream" LOL. I really love the scents to the body oil and the candle (:

Which Blushbox would you pick for yourself?
Check out the catalog here: 

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  1. I love all these subscription boxes. It's like getting a surprise gift for yourself every month. This is probably a better idea, though, because you can just choose exactly the box you want. I think I would choose the Couples Massage box because most of the others have clothes that don't come in my size in them :-(