Tuesday, September 3, 2013

600lb. Gorillas Review

I was sent a gift card to BJs Wholesale Club to review a product called 600lb Gorillas. I know what you all are thinking a product called 600lb Gorilla which at first was a little weird to me at first but I thought it was a cool & unique name for a product of Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, so my pop pop is a member of BJs Wholesale Club I used his card and it took me a little while to shop there because I really don't go there much often really, and of course it was in the frozen section with all the other yummy & delicious ice creams. It caught my eye when it said 600lb Gorillas and when it said "All Natural".

Me & my son Nicholas thought these were really good. Me on the other hand I love ice cream, and I love cookie sandwiches so this was a real winner for me. It didn't have to much chocolate chips in them which I like. Of course they sell cookies to in the freezer section they first came out with cookies than introduced cookie sandwiches. Read more about 600lb Gorillas, here

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