Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sinfully Sweet Gourmet Treats Review

I was able to choose two different kinds of gourmet apples to review. I ended up choosing the Peanut Butter Cookie & Avalanche. Can you say, heavenly. Oh my goodness I've never had a delicious apple covered in so much goodness in awhile. I mean I was always a caramel person but it being hard & sticking to your teeth, and than I was always afraid of my teeth falling out after biting into it. I know it's hilarious, but hey I have to say I could enjoy one these any day rather than a normal boring caramel apple. Sinfully Sweet Gourmet Treats are fantastic and I wish I could make these as good as they do.
 I love the texture & how they design the caramel apple it looks so easy, but I bet it takes time. The taste is fabulous & delicious in every way possible. Me & my husband first tried out the Peanut Butter Cookie. I am a big fan of peanut butter so this was going to be really delicious, and I was right. I decided to cut my apple and eat it that way very easy and to share with my family.
Some of the cookie pieces came off & we just ate them as is, but when I cut them literally & started taking some bites I couldn't resist they were so delicious the caramel was delicious and the toppings that were on it like peanut butter flavored chocolate, drizzled with white & milk chocolate it was divine. I wanted more & more my husband loved it too this was my favorite one for sure!

Every bite was extremely mouthwatering.

The next one we had the following day was the Avalanche and boy was this exquisite deliciousness all over again. Although I did get this one mainly for my husband because he is a big chocolate person & I thought he may have liked this a lot which he did.

The chocolate chips were really the greatest part on the apple along with the drizzled white chocolate & milk chocolate. Although I just love that texture bite biting into the apple & getting all that sweetness it's so appetizing. Although I did find a lot of others I did want to try but could only pick two I wouldn't change my selection because I was very satisfied with my choices, and I would sample them all over again if I could.

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  1. Oh my word, these look delicious. Having to run to the kitchen for some dessert now, thank-you-very-much! :)