Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zipzicle Ice Pop Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!
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A few years ago we discovered that Luke could not eat any food items that contained strong food dyes. Talking with parents we soon found out we were not alone. Many children had special dietary considerations, some that were life threatening . . . to read more about Zipzicle click here

I was sent a packet of Zipzicle to review. I have to say I was pretty excited so was my son when I told him we could make our own creations of ice pops. Ya know the ones we always have & crave during the summer time when we eat them with our friends by the pool. Yeah those ice pops!

3 Easy steps to create your own ice pops. 
Step 1 - Create your own filling it can be recipes from Zipzicle website or your very own creation which I did myself.
Step 2 - Freeze them. I froze mine for a whole day and we ended up having them the next night after dinner for a snack.

My creation was cut up strawberries depends how much you want to make I prepared only 2 cups of strawberries cause we wanted to try it out to see how we liked it, anyways than 2 chopped up bananas & some greek vanilla yogurt and chia seeds/wheat germ and about a 1/4 cup of milk and blended it all up. This is my smoothie recipe that I usually make & drink as a snack too. It's so good! Their strawberry lemonade looks really good. I want to make them also one night.

Step 3 - Fun! Recipe Contest. Do you have a favorite recipe and you want to be entered into their Ice Pop Contest? Well, Enter Away! If you are a winner you will be featured on Zipzicle Website and you will win a free 24-pack of Zipzicle bags. Be sure to ask a parent if you are under 18. Email them at:

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