Sunday, April 12, 2015

Faye's Cake Pops Review

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Faye's Cake Pops

I had officially "retired" from my big girl job after our 4th child arrived in 2011. And to keep myself busy, I started playing with the new cake pop trend. The first month or so was pretty disastrous, but the kids loved eating them no matter what they tasted like! . . . to read more about Faye's Cake Pops click here

I always heard about Cake Pops, but never really had actual time to make them or the patience I should say. I did end up getting a Cake Pop kit before which was easy to make with my son and sisters, but these are by far the best I've ever tried. I don't usually buy cakes or anything, but it was my son's birthday and I just had contacted this company called Faye's Cake Pops I am really happy I was sent these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which my son loves and the kind of cake I chose was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough my son loves that Ice Cream flavor so I figured I'd get him the cake mix and he wanted it so it all worked out great. You can check out other many flavors they ~~~>

I loved how moist these were and the flavor was very delicious let me rephrase that the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was delicious. I even had 1 or 2 on my way to work in the early am they were that good. I can't help it I have a sweet tooth.. They have quite a few collections For Her & For Him, and Sports Pops which I think is cute. My son plays baseball and I hope to get some for the team soon. Shop different themes,

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